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This Spring Tomas the Cat is Trying New Things

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Tomas Spring 2015Hi, my name is Tomas and with the warm weather I’ve been outside alot lately.  I like to follow my child out at a safe distance and watch him play as he drives trucks, mows the lawn, plays in the sandbox, uses his water table, and plays with the scary red dome (which he gets into and rocks around having a great time.)  Oh me, now I don’t get into that or onto it but I do like to watch.

What might fascinate me most is how no matter what he’s doing that child is always eating something or drinking is “yum” juice.  I’m really not sure how he can eat so much.

daffodilsAt the grand age of 13, I have taken to walking around the yard looking at the flowers blooming, enjoying the daffodils and forsythia blooms.  I love watching the birds and generally being what my mom calls a courageous kitty cat.

My mom’s been exercising alot by walking around where the boy plays.  This makes me feel very safe as I know she has an eye on me encase any unwelcome animals come into our yard, or when the beautiful birds I love to watch yell at me and scare me.  Mom told me they think I want to eat them, they don’t understand I only eat high quality dry or canned food, nothing so fresh as that.

SquirrelI really like this warm weather.  I really like having school outside and watching the kid run around all day, it means he goes to bed earlier and sleeps better.  This is great because I had missed being on mom’s lap and purring at her.

So please, get up, go out side, enjoy the fresh air (it’s great here in Eastern Kentucky) and practice your survival skills. These survival skills should include avoiding dangerous flying balls and high speed trucks, finding safe places to watch children play while laying in the sun soaking up the vitamin D, getting a little exercise (but not too much), and stopping to smell the flowers.

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  • Hello Tomas.
    My name is Cosmic Midnite Runner (Midnite for short). I agree with you whole heartily about being outside now that the snow has finally melted and the temperatures are warmer here in New York. It has been a long cold snowy winter here , which I spent sleeping on the couch. I did try to keep my hunting skills interacted by chasing my milk caps and toy mouse around at 2 am. I was also allowed to watch some birds and fish video when my mom was feeling sorry for me and give up some of her computer time. Now I ask to go out right after breakfast, come in to eat dinner and go back out until very late at night. There is so much to see and chase here in the country. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and please say hello to your boy for me.
    Sincerely, Midnite.

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