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“Of all God’s creatures, there is only one that cannot be made slave of the leash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat.” – Mark Twain

I’m in love with cats. I adore kittens. I like being woke up in the morning by their miaouuuus. I enjoy looking at them when they ask for food and touch me so gently with their little chubby paws, meaning:”Hey, you, how about something to eat for us?”, as if I’ve ever forgotten. They won’t let me to. Never ever.

I’m only a cat,

and I stay in my place…

Up there on your chair,

on your bed or your face! I’m only a cat,

and I don’t finick much…

I’m happy with cream

and anchovies and such! I’m only a cat,

and we’ll get along fine…

As long as you know

I’m not yours… you’re all mine.

I’m in love with cats since my childhood. I remember watching cartoons with them and asking my mom different hilarious questions about them. They were my favourite. They keep being. They will always be. Here are some of the most famous:

Duchess is the elegant cartoon Persian cat created for Walt Disney’s 1970 animated feature “The Aristocats”. She and O’Malley the Alley were amongst the most loved of cartoons ever drawn.

Garfield – the fat, lazy funny patter cat was created by Jim Davis in 1978. Within four years Garfield’s comic strip was appearing in a thousand newspapers around the world. He also has computer animated and cartoon movies under his belt. In 2004 Garfield performed in a movie with the same name and became rather popular with adults and kids.

Unlike other cartoon felines, Felix the Cat began his career as a movie star, rather than a cartoon strip. Created by Australian Pat Sullivan, Felix was the star of the first “talkie” cartoon, a year before Mickey Mouse began to talk. Felix was also the subject of the very first television test broadcasts in 1928, and was NBC’s official test pattern until the late 1930’s.

It goes without saying, that the most indicated one in this category is undoubtedly Tom and his friend Jerry. Tom and Jerry have very definite personalities. Tom is an opportunist, always anxious to ingratiate himself with the powers that be, whether housekeeper, dog, or even, on occasion, mouse; while Jerry, the impish schemer, is happy minding his own business until cornered, piqued or generally provoked.

The ever-dueling duo have chased each other from the Hollywood Bowl to Hungary to outer space and back and fifty years after their movie debut, are still going strong. Vintage Tom & Jerry cartoons still play at the cinema, on television, and are packaged for sale or rental on videotape.

The story about Puss’N’Boots was originally written by the Brothers Grimm but has since been drawn in cartoons, plays have been written about him and he even starred in the movie Shrek II. Puss’n’Boots wore long boots and a hat. He outwitted an ogre and a king to help his owner get a castle and marry a princess.

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