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Strider Balance Bike Review

striderStrider believes that if your toddler can walk, your toddler can ride. I like this concept. I only recently heard of balance bikes, and at first I had no clue why anyone would want one.  Then I learned that not only can a child use from 18 months on, but with one your child won’t need a tricycle or training wheels most likely.  I remember hating the training wheels on my bike. I want my son’s experience to be very positive with his St-4 balance bike from Strider.  

My son is 16 months old, he runs all over.  After his initial inspection he climbed right on and it’s been his favorite toy since!  I like that it helps him develop spatial awareness, balance and more basic motor skills so that all children can reach their maximum riding potential faster, better and safer. Strider makes balance bikes with no pedals for children up to 10 years old.

The balance bike is designed so your child will learn balance and not need a tricycle or training wheels.  The simple, no-pedal design allows even the youngest children to learn to ride on two wheels, avoiding tricycle tip-overs and training wheel wobbles, and instilling considerable confidence and stellar bike handling skills sure to last a lifetime.


  Motocross Style Handlebar with Pad

Mini-Grip Handlebar and Mini-Hand-grips. 43% Smaller diameter than standard grips to better fit a toddler’s small hands.





The grip is just wide enough for my hand comfortably.

My son found it comfortable and roomy, easy to grab. (His pictures are coming up.)



EVA polymer tire

Featuring a NEW tread pattern, the custom STRIDER ultralight wheels use a durable EVA polymer tire that is maintenance free and never need air. These wheels are lighter than an air filled tire, meaning the bike is even easier for a child to control.  The wheels are long lasting and ensure  years of riding!

The tires feel hard and foamy.  They provide great traction outdoors and on carpet but we found them slippery on linoleum and laminate flooring for our novice rider.


This ergonomically designed Mini-Saddle on 220mm Seat post was created just for toddler hips. Smaller, narrower and lighter than a typical saddle, this seat allows for proper riding posture and proper sizing. The weather proof plastic seat means no rips or tears and can take a beating from snow, rain and wind, as it should. The STRIDER is intended for both indoor and outdoor play!  Quick-Clamps On the ST provide no-tool assembly and easy adjustments. I have to say these clamps may be one of my favorite features.


Uniquely integrated into the frame and positioned to allow development of advanced riding skills. Beginner STRIDER riders will walk along with their bike, but as as they learn to coast and balance, these patented footrests are the perfect and natural place for the youngster to set his/her feet. Advanced riders will ultimately use these footrests to learn to pump and stride  – oftentimes, never needing to sit down.

The foot rest is a nice solid bar with what feels like sandpaper on it, It looks and feels durable. It held my husband’s weight (over 150 lbs).

This is the clamp that you use to adjust the height of the handlebars and seat, with my trusty nickle.

Why does it come with an allen wrench?

It comes with an allen wrench although you really don’t need it.  When you have the clamp that allows you to raise and lower the seat and/or handlebars open, my husband could easily tighten the allen screw with his hand.  The screw’s tightness correlates with how tight the clamp is on the tube. The clamps are basically a lever you flip then slide the seat or handlebars to the height you’d like them then flip it back.

We found the bike very easy to assemble, just push together and add washers. The bike weights 6.7 pounds so it’s light enough for my son to handle easily.

The handlebars and seat were almost all the way down when it arrived, we lowered it all the way and it fits my son perfect! It feels well built and strong, and it has been tested strong by us.  My husband had to try it first, so I can safely say I saw it hold over 150lbs and have no problem, tho it is only rated for up to 60lbs.

Whenever its nice outside you can find us riding out bike!  Since the snow rarely lasts even 12 hours here, were outside alot!

Strider even has a snow kit to put ski’s on your tires (looks easy to do).  Bikes are available at a variety of bike, motorcycle and toy retailers nationwide, and online at http://www.StriderBikes.com.

Disclosure: This item was provided for me by Strider in exchange for writing an  honest review. Regardless I only recommend products that I have used and feel would be good for my readers.  All opinions and experiences are my own and those of my family.
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