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Spring Goal Update 2015

Spring Goal Update 2015

I made some goals for myself this year including increasing my emergency preparedness skills, weight loss, and homeschooling.  I realized while I’ve shared about my goals with you, I haven’t really looked at how far along I am towards my ultimate goal.

Spring Goal Update 2015

Survival Skills/ Emergency Preparedness

My plans were to work on fire starting and making more foods from scratch.  I shared about working on finding dry tinder when it’s wet outside.  I’ve practiced it and while I”m getting better at tree identification it’s slow going.

I’ve been cooking up a storm.  Making 2-3 meals from scratch everyday.  While there were a few things that I promised to never try mixing again, overall we have done well. I’ve found some shortcuts for breakfast and have created a few new recipes of my own such as:

My family has asked for these repeatedly all spring.  This is good though, as it’s allowed me to improve my recipe.

I’ve also been practicing my survival skills which we can all use at least once a week to save money.  These are things like using the clothesline instead of the dryer.  I’ve also been teaching my son how to hang clothes and count clothespins with me.  Generally he puts them on the clothes in the basket and I hang them up.

If your not following us on Instagram, your missing out on all the fun photo’s I’ve been sharing like:

We have been working on landscaping around the house.  I know this may not sound like an emergency preparedness skill, but we have alot of dead trees and some of them have termites.  Yuck!  We have also been cutting down tree’s that looked like they were going to fall on the driveway or house.  Believe it or not, this is a homeschooling activity as well. We have been teaching our son when to cut a tree and a few other things about how to choose.

We have also been watching nature and studying birds.  This year we are feeding them, so we get to see more species.  I see them on my blackberry bushes which are blooming.  I can’t wait to make pie filling again.  I’m also looking for other ideas of what I can make and can with the blackberries that does not require a pressure caner, so if you have any ideas please share.

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