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Preparing for Hummingbirds

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Preparing for HummingbirdsWe love bird watching, and one of the most interesting are the hummingbirds. They normally return to Kentucky around the end of March, so I’m getting ready.  This will be our first year feeding them. 

Why feed Hummingbirds?

  • It’s cheap.  The food is just sugar water, with red food dye if your feeder isn’t tinted.
  • It’s educational.  My son loves watching the birds and learning how they fly, behave, the colors, what each one eats….
  • It’s fun.  We all love watching them.

You Need To Know: That if your feeding hummingbirds, come fall you need to stop putting the food out or they won’t migrate and will freeze.   For an exact when, look up when hummingbirds migrate in your area.  I found it easily just searching Kentucky + Hummingbirds.

What feeder is best?

You may have noticed their are bird feeders and then hummingbird feeders.  (There are a few others but there not as specialized.)  Why? Because most birds eat seeds and hummingbirds eat nectar (sugar water.)

I picked up some small clear ones at the dollar store.  They need the red dye used in the sugar water as opposed to the strawberry one I got from Home ‘n Yard.   I personally don’t mind using the dye but if you do that is something to consider.

Also look at how easy they are to clean.  My dollar store one’s probably won’t last as many cleanings as the strawberry one (ask me this fall.)

Also the food does go bad and it will attract ants (not a huge surprise, but they really are good at getting in the feeders.) How quickly it goes bad depends on the temperature, I recommend making small batches since it’s so easy (hot water melts the sugar when it cools you add the dye or not and your done).

A tip on placement for your feeder.

We went last year to some friends homes who feed hummingbirds.  They had feeders on either end of their deck.  While this gave great views of the hummingbirds, they almost flew into us a few times.  You may want to put them a few feet further away, and not as near your deck or patio area.

I also learned from watching them last year that they fight, and did so on the deck.  It was very interesting to see, and not something I expected.

Overall Home ‘n Yard Hummingbird feeders seem better made and they have lots of cute choices.


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