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Piczzle Review

We love puzzles and have been wanting to review Piczzle for a while now.  They offer standard puzzles (cardboard) and wooden.  We tried the cardboard.

It arrived well packaged. The paper its wrapped in in the photo is thick.

This was inside a box, very nicely protected.

Our puzzle had a photo of the completed puzzle on the outside of the box.  I chose the text.  We got the rectangular puzzle, they also offer heart and round puzzles.

The smallest number of pieces available is 6, so I chose that thinking it would be better for my son. They go up to 2000 pieces depending on your choices.


I opened the box and saw the pieces are in a bag, no cushion around them.  Definitely room for improvement their.

The box was a good size for the pieces.

Some of my pieces had scratches in the photos, which I am attributing to the lack of protective packaging inside the box.

This is 1 of 6 pieces of the medium puzzle 8″x10″.

One thing I had wondered before I ordered was how thick the pieces would be. This is the piece with the nickel to show you the thickness.

If you want to make alot of these I suggest doing it yourself.  All these are is a picture printed from a printer and put on cardboard that you can buy and do yourself.  You can buy the paper in sticker form and the cardboard all set to go so you don’t have to cut the pieces their all ready to go.

Check out their deals first if your going to buy one and have someone else do it for you.  Piczzle has many options and their online ordering is easy.

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