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Petbrosia Review

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I’ve been wanting to change my cat from unhealthy cat food to healthy food like us. Have you looked at whats in your cat food? I have and I think he deserves better, that’s why I’m trying Petbrosia’s Cat food.

Ideally I’d like to be making my cat his food, taking a chicken and shredding it and mixing it with rice and maybe some peas.  However, that takes more time than I have at this moment.

I was also concerned about his willingness to try new foods.  My cat has never been willing to eat anything other than his Purina. He’s fussy about his food, won’t eat fish, doesn’t like most brands of cat food…

Petbrosia’s dog and cat food do not include corn, soy, wheat, gluten or by-product.

Like most cat’s mine loves boxes and opening things.  The bag is resealable and doesn’t wear out quickly.

Petbrosia asks you about your cat to help customize their food.  The process is very easy.  They ask the breed, age, activity level, weight, gender, if they are neutered, allergic to anything, and offer auto-replenishment. They sent me page about Tomas’s custom blend including all the information they asked, the ingredients (there are many), and general advice.


When changing your pet to a new food you should mix them together, slowly making it more of the new food.

When I mixed the first bowl for him, my cat stopped eating his old food.  He hasn’t gone back, it just sits there.  He loves Petbrosia!

The pieces are about average sized.

Petbrosia’s cat food smells like fish food to me. My cat just can’t get enough.  I swear he eats almost twice as much food as before.  He also seems more active.

I’m so happy I found an easy way to help transition him to healthier food that he likes.

Petbrosia has sent me suggestions to help my cat adapt to the food, they offer support if you have any questions and provide great customer service.

If your interested in joining their gold club you will receive $10 off and free shipping on your next 10 or 20 lb order with code GOLDTEN just email info@petbrosia.com or check them out at petbrosia.com


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  • Sherry Compton

    May 12, 2014 at 6:51 AM

    My dog wants things to stay the same. She is skittish when things are moved. The wind blew the cover off the grill outside and she went out and growled at it.

  • We have two cats Lucy and Baby. Baby sometimes jumps up and turns the light on or off. She seems to take pleasure in her accomplishment. And Lucy loves to play fetch.

  • Yes, I would love to be that awesome pet parent making my dogs food, but yeah time is an issue. This food sounds healthy, I am glad your cat liked it.

  • I wish I had time to make food for my animals, too. I know store bought cat and dog food is just loaded with chemicals, waste, and gross food-processing byproducts. When you have a special animal, you want them to live a long and healthy life.

  • Thanks for the tip about mixing in a new food with the old one to help cats adjust. I’m not saying my tuxedo cat is a picky eater, but she picks up each bit of kibble in her paw, tosses it into the water bowl, dunks it like a donut then scoops it out to eat it. Yeah, she’d probably notice any change. LOL

  • Denise Elliott

    May 23, 2014 at 1:54 AM

    we discovered that our big dog get a staph infection any time he eats Cheap (alpo, Purina, ect.) dog food this box looks like awesome quality food for my fur babies.

  • I like that they ask the breed, age, activity level, weight, gender, if they are neutered, allergic to anything.

  • I have a Corgi and everytime he sees a women he runs up and greets her with his butt wagging. If you have seen a Corgi their tail is cropped so wagging his tail looks like a butt wiggle.

  • I learned that they customize the food by looking at various factors such as age, activity level or gender and formulate the food your dogs nutritional needs.

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