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3 fun things to do with kids!

Make friendship bracelets for all of your friends–and your siblings too!
Click here for one way!

Blow bubbles with bubble gum–gigantic, wonderful, pink bubbles. Have blowing contests with your siblings. You can even learn how to blow one bubble within another!
Click here for ideas on how to blow the biggest bubble! Or click here!

The number 1089 is the centerpiece of a curious mathematical trick. Google it and impress others with your knowledge!

Bean Crazy Foglifter Coffee Review

Bean Crazy Coffee was so kind as to provide me with a sample of there coffee to review for you. All opinions are my own. As you know we drink a lot of coffee and a wide variety of coffee. Read more [+]

Weekly Writing idea for kids

I will be sharing one weekly writing idea for kids each week for the summer. Let them write whatever form they like (or you choose). Then you can send it in the mail, put them in a binder to save, or whatever else you come up with.

This weeks idea: What are the best summer activities nearby?
Or: What is your favorite thing to do outside during the summer?

Baby Comfy Nose Review

Like you I’m concerned about what things I use on my child are made from, that’s part of why I use cloth diapers and everything else. Baby Comfy Nose is BPA and Phthalate Free and (this one’s a shocker) made in USA!! Read more [+]

Easy ways to use lemons around your house

Did you know lemons are good for more than tea and lemon aid?

They Cut Grease – Because they contain citric acid, lemons cut through grease with ease. Add a few drops of lemon juice to your dish soap to increase its grease-fighting power, or mix ½ cup vinegar with the juice of two lemons in a spray bottle for an easy grease-fighting solution. For grease stains on clothing, rub lemon juice into the stain and let sit overnight before washing as normal.

Use them to clean copper – rub your copper with half a lemon. Another method: Mix ¼ cup salt with the juice of a lemon, rub over surface, then let sit for five to 10
minutes before buffing with a clean cloth.

Cutting Board Freshener: Disinfect and deodorize cutting boards by rubbing a cut lemon over the surface. Let the juice dry, then wipe clean with water.

Hard Water Stain Remover:
Rub half a cut lemon over hard water stains and soap buildup in the sink or tub. Dip the lemon in coarse salt beforehand to give it extra scrubbing power. Lemons are also helpful at descaling teapots and removing hard water stains from other appliances that hold water, such as coffeepots. To descale a teapot, boil lemon wedges inside the pot, then let the water sit for a few hours before rinsing out. You can also fill the teapot with diluted lemon juice and let sit for a few hours.

Simple, Cheap and safe! Do you have any tips?

Friday’s Healthy Tip- Lavender

Lavender is an easy to grow plant. Did you know that lavender can give you a good amount of vitamin A..? Yes it is true, the vitamin A in lavender helps prevent against cataracts, dry eyes,and eye infections.

Lavender also contains Calcium, and Iron. Would you ever know that this beautiful flower has all of these properties.

lavender being a flower is also a edible herb. You can use lavender to bake with or even add to your favorite sauces.

Click here for a Roast Potato Recipe


Home style Potato Chips

Yield: 8 servings

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 1 minute
Napa Style Homemade Potato Chips

9oz. bag of kettle-style potato chips
2 tsp. ground lavender, from dried lavender buds
2 Tb. honey
½ cup crumbled blue cheese (preferably Stilton)
Salt and Pepper

Place the chips in a large microwave-safe bowl and nuke the chips for 30-90 seconds, until warmed through.

Drizzle the chips with half the honey, and sprinkle with half the lavender and blue cheese.

Carefully toss and repeat with the rest of the honey, cheese, and lavender.

Salt and pepper to taste. Serve warm.

3 Fun things to do with your kids!

Make a work of art in your driveway using multi-color chalk. Get permission first. Did you know you can draw with wet chalk?
Click here for a how to with wet chalk

Master a cartwheel and learn the physics of tumbling.

Make a birdbath!
Click here for a tutorial!

BuildASign Review and Giveaway!!

BuildASign Let me customize a License Plates so that I could share my opinion with you! The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. Read more [+]