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Liquid Chalkers Review

The first thing I thought when I saw these is they’d be great for my toddler!!! Read more [+]

Cloth Wipes

I know what your initial thought is, mine sure was “Yucky”

I started out using them just for clean ups and wipe downs. I still use disposable wipes for Stenchies, but now I use cloth for everything else! In the morning during the heavy pee’s I can use 1 cloth wipe instead of 2 disposable to get the little one really clean.

I know you can buy them, but there are free/recycled options: you can use washcloths, or take old shirts (non printed parts) and cut them into squares or strips and use them.

There are lots of different things you can dip your cloths into. You can use watered down baby soap; you can add an essential oil, or tea tree oil, you can add aloa, olive oil, the options are endless but if you make it then you know there are know chemicals added.

Some people use just water!

Here is a basic baby wipe recipe to give you an idea of proportions.

• 1 1/2 cups water
• 1/4 cup Aloe Vera gel
• 1/8 to 1/4 cup olive oil (use extra virgin so there are no chemicals)
• 2 tsp. Baby Shampoo
• 2-3 drops Tea Tree oil (optional)
• 2-3 drops Lavender oil (discourages molds)

Did you know?

That today is Aunt and Uncle’s Day?

Don’t feel bad, I didn’t either.

Today is a great day tho to call your Aunt’s and/or Uncle’s and wish them a great day and talk to them!!!

My Aunts and Uncle were great to play with when I was a kid. Do you have a special memory of yours?

3 fun things to do with kids!

3 fun things to do with kids!

Check out your local paper to discover any free-admission activities. Lots will be going on in your community and you don’t want to miss a thing.

Go somewhere fun with the family. A family reunion perhaps?

Learn the history of where you live. The library will be a good place to start.

Magic Moves Electronic Wand Review

Are you, like me wondering why all the kids are so sedentary all the time? We’ll this is the perfect toy for them to take and play with anyone!

It has 26 colorful light shows (my son absolutely loved this part)

There are 90 fun, physical commands each with it’s own light show: Stomp like a Dinosaur, Swoop) Like an Eagle, Wiggle like a Worm, Hop like a frog, Zoom like a Jet, and Leap like a Lion! Read more [+]

Weekly Writing idea for kids

I will be sharing one weekly writing idea for kids each week for the summer. Let them write whatever form they like (or you choose). Then you can send it in the mail, put them in a binder to save, or whatever else you come up with.

This weeks idea: What would you do if summer lasted all year long?

Elf on a Shelf Outfitters Giveaway

You’ve probably heard of Elf On the Shelf by now, it was all over the media last year. My son was too little last year but this year I know he’ll love it, especially looking for it. Here are some ideas for your Elf on The Shelf, there are so many things you can do with it, but these are pretty creative. Read more [+]


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Let me know what you think!


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