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Mother Goose – Hazard, KY


You may have heard of Mother Goose on Oprah, The New York Times, or Car and Driver.  It’s in Hazard, Kentucky (Eastern Kentucky.)  I was going to Hazard the other day and thought it would be fun to stop by and see it with my son.

The directions I found were okay, nothing had the hours or anything else.  I now understand why.  The place is closed, out of business.  It’s next to a Marathon Mother Goose which is also out of business.

If you’ve ever been to Hazard it’s not a big city, but it’s one of the biggest in the area. The people are friendly and the parks are clean.

What kind of market was inside?  I don’t know.  Their were no trespassing signs up.  We were able to see the goose which is on the second story and quite large.

The windows are egg shaped and my son thought the building was really cool, he just didn’t understand that it wasn’t supposed to be out of business.  It was an educational opportunity about how the internet may show you a cool place to visit, and it may not be as great in person.

I’m sharing this with you because I looked for hours and could not find a single site that said it was closed.  If your in town and have some time to kill, driving by it is a fun experience but I would not go more than 10 minutes out of my way at this point.  If I hear about it re-opening I will try to update this post.

Here is some more information about the building if your interested in the history. http://hazardkentucky.com/more/goose.htm

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