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Liquid Chalkers Review

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The first thing I thought when I saw these is they’d be great for my toddler!!!

They are: NONTOXIC, Easy to clean, the size of a fat marker (think crayola but a little slimmer), 8 colors in a set (Green, Purple, Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Blue, and White) and according to reviews on Amazon they last quite a while.

Not that I believe everything on Amazon, you need to be skeptical but 15 out of 16 people (at the time I looked) loved them! They used them with there children and had no problems listed.

So let’s learn more.

Where can I use them? On non-porous surfaces (one’s that won’t easily absorb liquid)
Some ideas include: Mirrors, Chalkboards (read below), Metal, Whiteboards, Windows, Windshields, Ceramics, Art Projects, Chalkboard Labels, Chalkboard Contact Paper….

The company recommends Always test your surface first! Just use a tiny amount in a corner and make sure it will wipe off. It should wipe of with just a damp cloth.

My son used them on his slide (artwork above), when he wasn’t throwing them (the tips cleaned with just a damp paper towel for me) or using them on his skin.

I personally tried them on my doors, refrigerator, windows, white board, mirrors, paper, cement (sidewalk), and hands. It wiped off without any problems with a dry cloth for me! On paper I tried to smear it, make it bleed, I was able to smear it if I touched it within 5 seconds, after that it was dry.

These are all the colors on paper with white over top. The only downside is no black.

Paper and Twine states that:Not all Chalkboards are going to work for this product, If you have a chalkboard that has glass, metal, sealed ceramic (not raw), or plastic backing then it should be good. If your chalkboard is paint on cardboard it probably will not. If your not sure try it in a corner first!

You can use them on other surfaces but if you use them on brick, wooden walls, concrete you will have a much harder time removing it! Of course if your like me the sidewalk is still a great place!

What do I do if I used the Liquid Chalkers on a porous surface and now can’t get the ink off?

Paper and Twine says: “This is an common issue with all liquid chalks. They work wonderfully on a non-porous surface but do not wipe off well from porous surfaces. Many have found that Mr Clean Magic Erasers combined with some water are very effective for removing liquid chalk when it has been applied to porous surfaces.”

I recommend if possible letting it be rained on or a garden hose.

About Liquid Chalkers:

Liquid Chalkers were came about because Louise Fox from Paper and Twine, a mother of 3 was looking for an easy, effective way to encourage creativity in her family. She tried other liquid chalks and found some simple but amazing things to do with them, making others ask what she was doing with the kids to have them be so creative.

She liked the idea but none of the available product so she did some research and found the best liquid chalk ink, marker body and put premium tips on and the rest is history.

Louise Fox is so sure you too will love them that she is offering a 60 day money back guarantee, a whole 60 – I’m impressed. And she promises a full no-hassle refund upon your return of the product.


How To Ink The Tips

The purple tip is inked, the pink is not.

How it looks once the ink starts going into the tip.

When you initially receive the markers, shake the marker well (about 15 seconds each), depress the tip and be patient as the ink flows down and fully coats the tip, this took 45 seconds. Do not press harder than is necessary to fully depress the tip.Only a fairly light pressure is needed to achieve this and once you’re done you’ll be able to have a whole lot of fun with your new liquid chalk markers.

What will you make first?


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  • These would be great for our outside chalk board for my daycare kiddos. I just have one question, does the sidewalk tear up the tips?

  • If its smooth it seemed fine, I didn't use them on the rough areas. Also I used them gently on the sidewalk to test, I'd let older children, but not toddlers unless there gentle or the markers are near the end of there life.

  • Jessica Harlow

    July 28, 2013 at 5:26 AM

    These look really cool! What a great concept! Thanks for sharing…my kiddos would love to create with these.

  • Desiree Tatro

    July 28, 2013 at 2:34 PM

    Wow, I love these. I need to get some for my kiddos. Great for an indoor chalk wall!

  • Love this idea!Great, not so messy ways to use chalk!

  • My kids would love these! I never heard of them before, thanks for sharing.

  • ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R

    July 29, 2013 at 9:40 PM

    wow what an intresting product…my kids are always dipping the chalk into water to get a new look …It seems like most peeps including you were impressed with them-might be a great birthday gift =)

  • How fun!!! The kids would so love these!

  • Hey, those are cool looking. I'd be interested in those!

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