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LED, Walking, Roaring Triceratops Dinosaur Toy

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My son saw this LED, Walking, Roaring, Triceratops Dinosaur and asked me to get it.  Buying online I often wonder about quality, but many toys are hard to find in brick and mortar stores, so we gave this a shot.

I was a bit concerned it would be too loud, but it wasn’t.  It’s lights are very cool and it feels sturdy.Triceratops Dinosaur box

It comes in a box, which includes a set of AA batteries for it’s use.  It uses 3 batteries and mine needed replacement very quickly.  It was very happy with dollar store batteries so this was not really an issue for us, but be prepared with batteries.

  • The noise is very repetitive, its the same roar repetitively
  • The sound is not so loud it makes you want to hide the batteries.
  • It walks mostly forwards, not in circles but sometimes a bit off straight.Triceratops Dinosaur
  • This walking Dinosaur toy is about 11” long and 6” tall.
  • Feels SturdyTriceratops Dinosaur battery belly

The batteries go into it’s belly with speakers on the sides of the body.  All 4 legs, head, and tail move as it walks.

While you could use this outside, the feet are hollow and do collect dirt and rocks.

This toy is quite a bit of fun and available on Amazon.




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