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Language Together Review

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Teaching a beginning reader is so much fun.  We have been using Language Together English Set 1 for 2 weeks now and I can already note an improvement.

About Language Together

  • The set includes 10 books, 180 pages total.
  • A Story-Based Language Learning System
  • Language exposure and immersion for kids ages 3 – 10
  • Good for Native and non-native speakers
  • Audio narration by native language speakers (kids can replay stories without adult supervision)
  • Vocabulary & Phrase Charts included.
  • Language Together is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

You can take a look inside and hear some audio at Language Together.

Language Together

While not  the most fun books to read, the repetitive nature of the books really help my son with his reading.  He likes the illustrations and uses them to help when he can’t remember a word.

Each page has only a few words which really helps build confidence.  My son smiles ear to ear when he can finish a page.

We read on average 3-5 books each day together.  My son is 4, he recognizes most letters and for the past month has been amazing me with words he has picked up the spelling of like cat.  I encourage him to try sounding out new words and often find him quietly looking at books himself.  Sometimes he reads to our cat Tomas, which is just as cute as it sounds.

Currently only set 1 is available.

Set One introduces the building blocks of English:
• 100 thematic vocabulary words (colors, numbers, shapes..)
• 50+ high frequency words, verbs and expressions

Available on Amazon.

This set is also available in Spanish and Chinese.

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