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It’s Raining, It’s Flooding in Eastern Kentucky

It's Raining, It's Flooding in Eastern KentuckyIt’s been raining alot and before I moved here I didn’t realize how badly it would flood.  We went out the other day and I took some photos, here in the smoky mountains this happens whenever we get alot of rain.

In the photo above the farmer’s tractor may be on solid ground but it looks like the poles fell off the trailer which is now sunk into the ground.  Some of these low land areas are known for flooding.

I knew the area got alot of rain during the spring, but hadn’t thought about how it would impact the roads.  We have ditches along my road that are over 4′ deep (and our roads not even 2 cars wide in spots) and these ditches overflow and water is still on the roads.

In the photo below, the bridge in the upper left corner is the only way this home owner can access the road.  If the water had risen much more they might have lost their only way to get supplies.

Damage from flood raining

I know some may wonder why I mention emergency preparedness and survival but with flooding and tree’s down you may end up trapped.  One of my neighbors lost their driveway for over a month due to the culvert washing out this winter.   Could you last a week without going out for groceries? What if you lost electricity?

You may note the lovely clay we have, it doesn’t absorb as much water as the dirt, so we end up with more runoff and erosion.

We saw driveways washed into the road, I was glad not to have a small car.  Tree’s and vines had fallen across the roads in areas and other areas were flooded.

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