Famous Cat Stars



Do you know how many cats have became famous in the movies, on TV and in the comics? A cat as a main character has always been popular especially with children. Listed below are some of the more well know cat stars.

Duchess: Appeared in Walt Disney’s “Aristocrats” with O’Malley the Alley Cat.

Garfield: Appeared in his own comic strip and cartoon movies. Still used in commercials and toys.

Felix: The star of the first talking cartoon. Felix was used as the very first television test broadcast.

Fritz: Invented by Robert Crumb as Fred the Cat. Crumb made a movie about Fritz but eventually stopped any further episodes.

Sylvester: ” I thought I saw a puddy cat”. Tweetie’s favorite nemesis in the cartoon series.

Krazy Cat: The star of the first cat comic strip with Ignatz Mouse.

Morris: Rescued from a Chicago animal shelter by Bob Martwick, a professional animal trainer. Morris did commercials for Purina’s 9 Lives cat food. Morris died in 1978.

The Cat in the Hat: Made famous by Dr. Seuss, it is a children’s book classic. Eventually made into a video.

Socks: Pet cat of President Bill Clinton.

Tom: Portrayed in the Tom and Jerry cartoons. You would always find Tom scheming something up to try and catch Jerry.

MTM kitten: Symbol of Mary Tyler Moore’s company and a take off on the MGM lion. Mimsey died in 1988.

Puss’N’Boots: He was first written by the Brothers Grimm but in later years was made into cartoons and starred in “Shrek II”.

Bagpuss: The BBC’s favorite children’s show of all time.

Pepper: A gray cat who worked with Charlie Chaplin, Fatty Arbuckle and the Keystone Cops.

Orangey: Appeared in “Rhubarb”, “Gigot”, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Our Miss Brooks”.

Solomon: A white Chinchilla longhair who appeared in “Diamonds are Forever” and “A Clockwork Orange”.

Topcat: Cartoon series featuring Topcat as the leader of a group of cats in a city.

There were many movies that also feature a cat. Secret agent D.C. in “That Darn Cat”. Pyrewacket, a Siamese, in “Bell , Book and Candle”. Si and Am, two Siamese cats, in “Lady and the Tramp”. Jiji, a black cat, in “Kiki’s Delivery Service”. A ginger tom cat called “cat” in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Various cats in “National Geographic’s Caressing the Tiger”. Isis, a black cat, and Sylvia in “Star Trek”. Winky, a black cat, in “Escape to Witch Mountain”. The Cheshire Cat in “Alice in Wonderland”. Various cats in the Broadway musical “Cats”. In addition, a cat was usually included in many horror and suspense movies, television shows and novels.

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