Famous Cartoon Cats



Some of the most popular cartoons feature cats and that is why these felines are celebrities of a different kind. All animated cats have been given their own personalities that make them lovable and at time laughable characters. Nonetheless, even the cartoon cats have their own fan following and collectibles that people all over the world want to own.

Listed below are some of the most famous cartoon cats in the history of animation:

The Aristocats is about pampered and spoilt cats that are sent away by the villain of the movie to get his hand on the family wealth. The cats then try to find their way home; and in the bargain figure out that life is more than soft pillows and delicious tuna and salmon. Also, the cats figure out that alley cats are not always clawing, biting and fighting.

Cat in the Hat is a character by Dr Seuss. It is very popular among children and the character is present in 6 books. A lovable character, who brings just disturbance and bedlam where ever he goes, is known for his wacky dress sense. The cat wears a striped red and white hat and a red bow, and carries an umbrella with him.

If you love animated cats, then you will definitely adore the fat orange cat. Have you figure out who we are talking about? Garfield started out as a comic strip and then captured the hearts of people when he was brought to life through animation. The lovable and sometimes mean Garfield is renowned for his laziness, compulsive eating and hating diets and Mondays. The story of Garfield is usually centered around his relationship with the family dog, Odie, and his owner, Jon.

Tom is the other half of Tom and Jerry. The cat and mouse captured the audiences’ heart with Tom’s eternal chase to catch Jerry. Nonetheless, one also realizes that the two cannot live without each other and share a real friendship.

Besides the above mentioned cartoon cats, there are many other animated cats that have become celebrities due to their antics.

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