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Rainbow Bandz Tips and Tricks for charms

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I’ve learned alot making these animals already and have a few tips and tricks to make it easier on you.

If you haven’t heard of these bandz yet take a look next time your out.  These rainbow bandz are huge with kids and adults.  I’ve been working on making charms and small animals for us to play with and am so excited at how many came in the refill bag.  I got 9 colors and a total of 5,400 bandz. Read more [+]

Dizolve Review

When I heard of Dizolve I was intrigued.  Hypoallergenic, biodegradable, not tested on animals, and easy to carry, is this as good as it sounds?

As a parent I do alot of laundry.  Even tho he is young, I’m amazed at how dirty my munchkin can get an outfit.

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Stylophora Ice Molds Review

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I hate buying ice, it seems like a waste of money.  I generally make my own but often they melt too fast, so when I saw a big circular ice mold that was easy to use I had to try it out. Read more [+]

UV Light Review

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There are many reasons for getting a UV (ultraviolet) light.  Whether finding where your pet is doing their business that they shouldn’t, where an air conditioner is leaking, or checking out how clean your hotel room is these are handy to have.

I like that this comes with batteries (3 AAA) and fits great in a pocket.

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Ozeri Voice Guided Blood Pressure Cuff Review

Ozeri recently offered to let me try their digital blood pressure monitor that is also voice guided.  They call it Cardio Tech Pro Series.  I’ve used a few different styles of blood pressure cuff, but never voice guided.

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Fogless Shower Mirror Review

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Today I have a father’s day gift idea for you, a fogless shower mirror. Both practical, affordable, and something most guys will actually use. Read more [+]

Mira Kitchen Scale Review

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About the Product:

The MIRA digital kitchen scale has a TARE feature that automatically deducts the weight of your food container or dish to provide the actual grams, ounces, or pounds of the ingredients alone. Read more [+]

Libre Tea Review


pic1 Libre’s Loose Leaf Tea Glass is BPA free. The thermal one I’m reviewing is 9 oz. they are available in other sizes. It has a glass interior with a finer filter for roiboos and herbals.  The container is leak resistant. Read more [+]