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The Night The Mountain Lit Up, Not a UFO, A Garden Light Review

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Every now and then we come across an item that’s not only useful but really fun too. When we took our Garden Light outside, the whole mountain lit up. Rumors in the valley were that a UFO had visited, but it was just a really really really bright light.

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Skinology 100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil Review

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I love using lemon oil around the house when I clean.  Skinology is another company that offers 10% Pure Lemon Essential Oil. Read more [+]

Ways to use Lower Grades of Peppermint Essential Oils

*This Post may contain affiliate links, which help cover the costs of keeping this page up.Peppermint OilLet’s face it, most essential oils available are not safe enough to ingest.  This does not mean they are bad.  I use low grade oils when I can to save money, only buying good oils to ingest and for topical use.  As you may know Peppermint Oil has many uses, here are a few.

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How We Use Lemon Essential Oil

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Lemon Essential Oil

We use lemon essential oil in many things here in Kentucky.  When you look through a cleaning closet you will notice many of your products have lemon oil in them, but it can be used for more than just cleaning.

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Wamber Fleece Blanket Review

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wamber blanket

With cold weather upon us there are many blankets needed.  From the emergency blanket you keep in your car (I hope) to a throw on the couch, I find them in almost every room of my home this time of year.  Wamber makes this beautiful fleece blanket.

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Ozeri 3x Tower Fan Review

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hey check out this ozeri fan

The Ozeri 3x Tower Fan which is 44″ tall arrived recently. It has 3 fans which can be independently controlled at 3 speeds.  It has a swivel and 9 levels of cooling and customized airflow.  It is a thin fan, and very nicely designed. My son is fascinated with fans and this one just won his attention. Read more [+]

My 3 favorite Uses for Tea Tree oil

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I truly feel a bottle of tea tree oil is something every household should have.   I’ve used Tea Tree oil for years and would like to share my 3 favorite uses with you.  There are many companies that sell this oil, the one I’m currently using is Apothecary Extracts.

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The Ecology Works Laundry Detergent Tests

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IMGA0604The Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Laundry Detergent works in cold water so you can save more money!  Yes, that was the first thing I saw and thought.  It’s hypoallergenic, plant and mineral based and free of perfumes, dyes, enzymes and other allergy triggers.  The real question is does it work. Read more [+]