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#Sale Alert USA Flag Windsock

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This USA Flag Windsock is currently on sale.

  • 60-inch American flag windsock with six long flowing tails.
  • Made of high-quality polyester fabric
  • Weather and fade resistant for long lasting sharp, vivid colors
  • Great for home decorating, outdoor advertisements, sports events, promotions, festival celebration, etc.
  • Includes a brass, swivel hanging clip (no need to purchase separately) — ready to hang upon arrival.
  • This is made in China

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The Many Many Uses of a Headlamp

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I can’t even begin to count the number of times I wish I had another hand, especially for a flashlight.  This headlamp this problem, leaving my hands free to do whatever I need to do. I really like some of the features this headlamp has too. Read more [+]

This Stylish Compost Bin Looks Great in Our Kitchen

*This post may contain affiliate links compost bin If you compost or have ever wanted to you know the challenge of finding a container for your counter that isn’t an eye sore and is safe for your compost pile.  This compost pail provides temporary storage for fruit & vegetable peels, coffee grinds, eggshells, tea bags, and other kitchen scraps until your ready to transfer them to your compost pile.  Read more [+]

Have You Seen the New and Improved My Tot Clock?

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My Tot Clock Front

I wanted to get my son a clock for his room, and one that he could work on his time telling skills with too. The new My Tot Clock has both analogue and digital time displayed on it. Read more [+]

What kind of bulbs do you keep in your Chandelier?

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I never thought I’d have a chandelier but we have a small one over our kitchen table and I love it.  During recent renovations a ladder and some other things collided with it, the chandelier survived unscathed, the light bulbs not so much.  So I started looking at what I wanted to put in and wow are their alot of choices.  I really like the antique look so that helped narrow it down.

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Meet the Fanciest “Bathroom” Scale I’ve Ever Used

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Meet the Fanciest Bathroom Scale I've Ever Used

I loved my old scale, but when the battery died I realized I had neglected to think about how I’d ever find a replacement, nor had I thought about how expensive those batteries were.  The Weight Gurus scale takes AAA batteries, and it comes with them!

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Our Review of the Blue Plaid Picnic Blanket

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Picnic Blanket


Whether your going to a concert or a picnic it’s nice to have a water resistant blanket to sit on.  We recently checked out this beautiful blue plaid picnic blanket.  I hadn’t thought about it before but my son pointed out that the stripes on the plaid make great roads!

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SATA Single Bay External Hard Drive Docking Station’s are Amazingly Useful

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Let me tell you there are more reasons to get a SATA drive docking station than you might imagine.  Not only is it great for transferring your data from an old hard drive but then you can turn that hard drive into a back up storage for all your important photos, documents, videos and anything else you want. Read more [+]