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Crab Pot Tree Review

Crabpot Trees Xmas Review

Lit up trees are so beautiful this time of year.  I looked at my trees and there all so big it would take me days to string lights on them, this is the perfect solution. These Crab Pot Tree’s are so easy to set up and easy to store.

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Worm Factory 360 – Composting Bin System – Review

Worm Factory 360 Composting Review

We have wanted to set up a composter for a bit now.  We saw the Worm Factory 360, which is fast acting, small, works year round, and is easy to maintain.  It’s very easy to set up, and odorless in operation.

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Hurricane Professional Spin Mop With Dolly System Review

Hurricane Professional Spin Mop with Dolly System Review

Having a home with all hardwood and tile flooring I mop frequently and moving the bucket from one end of the house to the other as I mopped ended with me getting distracted and not just mopping the floors.  The hurricane professional spin mop with dolly system is fun to use .

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Who is KeySmart Best For?


Like many I have alot of keys on my key chain.  Consolidation sounds like a great idea, but is KeySmart worth the cost? Read more [+]

The Secret Lives of Animals – A Book Review

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The Secret Lives of Animals

The Secret Lives of Animals is a fun mix of field guide and entertainment.  It has alot of information in an easy to read format.  This book features over 100 North American animals and over 1,000 tidbits in a colorful, illustrated format.

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Why I wanted a Survivor Filter Pro

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Survivor Filter

Emergency situations happen every day no matter where you live.  There are so many reasons you could loose your normal source of clean drinking water and everyone needs water to survive.  I have a survival straw, but wanted something better for all of us to use, enter the Survivor Filter Pro.  This is good at home or out, here’s why I wanted a Survivor Filter Pro.  Read more [+]

The Most Comfortable Hearing Protection I Have Found To Date is . . .

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Having boys is noisy business.  The age doesn’t seem to affect the noise just the cost of the toys.  Preserving everyone’s hearing is an important job.  These safety ear defenders really are good hearing protection. Read more [+]

The Importance of Protecting Your Hearing

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The Importance of Protecting Your Hearing
We love to go to the races, and that’s just one of the places you need to be protecting your hearing at. Their are lots of places where loud noise is abundant including: concerts, fireworks, re-enactment days (or anything with guns being fired), monster trucks, touring an industrial plant, and many others. At each of these places if you do not wear hearing protection you will notice that after you leave you can’t hear certain noises for a bit. Over time it takes longer and longer and eventually you just won’t regain what you’ve lost. Due to this I keep a pair of hearing protection on hand for every member of the family. Read more [+]