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The Secret Lives of Animals – A Book Review

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The Secret Lives of Animals

The Secret Lives of Animals is a fun mix of field guide and entertainment.  It has alot of information in an easy to read format.  This book features over 100 North American animals and over 1,000 tidbits in a colorful, illustrated format.

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If You Love Honey – Nature’s Connections – Children’s Book Review

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If You Love HoneyWere ready to confess, we all love honey.  So If You Love Honey, check out this book. Honey is a sweet gift from nature—ALL of nature, actually. Honey is linked in a very real way to dandelions, earthworms, mushrooms, the old oak tree and even the blue jays squawking in its branches. Take another look at honey. If you love nature’s honey, you are sure to love nature too. How sweet it is! The author fell in love with bees as an amateur beekeeper, and then learned to appreciate flowering plants—even ones she once considered weeds – as an important nectar source. And then she realized how the plants were connected to insects and soil. A simple but accurate diagram in the back matter explains how bees make honey and also pollinate plants, as well as the role of beneficial insects and decomposers. Also presented are activities and a recipe for children.  Read more [+]

Mighty Mole and Super Soil – Children’s Book Review

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Mighty Mole and Super Soil

We just read Mighty Mole and Super Soil.  Below your feet, Mighty Mole is on the move. Like a swimmer in dirt, she strokes through the soil. Her tunnels are everywhere! She finds food, eludes a predator, has a family, and helps to make Super Soil. Moles live almost everywhere yet are rarely seen. Similarly, soil is a largely invisible ecosystem and yet is vital to the health of the world.

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My Very Own Trucks *Vroom Vroom* Personalized Book


It’s no secret we love reading and trucks. When I first heard about the My Very Own Trucks Personalized Book it was like it had been written just for us.  So join us making sound effects *Vroom Vroom* and rev up your child s imagination. Read more [+]

Wild About Creation – Book Review

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Wild About Creation

My son loves reading bible stories and he loves stickers, so this sounded like great idea. It’s challenging to find a fun and affordable activity book for a 3 year old.  Most of Wild About Creation was appropriate for my 3 year old, he wasn’t quite up to the dot to dot and reading activities tho.

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Inspector Dewey – Book Review & $20 Giveaway Ends 10/2/15

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Inspector Dewey

My name is Dewey-Inspector Dewey. I live in the big green house on Hampshire Avenue with my family: Thumper, Lily, and Anna. I am the Big Cat responsible for keeping everyone safe and in order. I do this quite well, in spite of the fact that managing my family is like, well, herding cats!

Mostly our life is peaceful. But one night it wasn’t. That was the night the bad guy showed up on our block. Of course, I knew exactly how to out-smart the outlaw, but miserable mullet! Would Anna and the police understand my instructions?

To find out how the adventure ended, you’ll have to read on. But I’ll give you a hint: there’s a reason I’m called Inspector Dewey.

We recently sat down and read Inspector Dewey.  My son loved the story and we had to take breaks so he could tell me more about the cats.

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Learn 1,000 Extreme & Extraordinary Dinosaur Facts with Your Child

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1,000 Extreme & Extraordinary Dinosaur Facts


  • Series: Discovery Kids
  • Paperback: 224 pages

Uncover 1,000 awesome facts about deadly, terrifying, and powerful Dinosaurs! Which dangerous predator could bite off a tiger-sized chunk in a single chomp? What colossal creature weighed as much as 17 elephants? Which super-sized dinosaur was the largest animal to ever walk the Earth? These prehistoric creatures roamed our planet for 165 million years! They’re extreme. They’re extraordinary. They’re the ultimate WORLD RULERS!

Join your child and learn 1,000 Extreme & Extraordinary Dinosaur Facts while reading this book.  What’s more fun than learning together?  You can use this for fun or homeschooling.  Read more [+]

Baking with Vegetables – Book Review

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Baking with Vegetables Baking With Vegetables

Hardcover: 96 pages

Baking doesn’t have to be all about indulgence-with Baking with Vegetables you can enjoy all the delicious flavors of baking and have a healthy portion of vegetables at the same time. Baking with Vegetables features a gorgeous range of tasty treats, from cakes to cookies and pies – and all contain good-for-you veg!

I love baking, it’s the easiest way to cook with a child. My previous baking with vegetables experience was zuccini bread and carrot cake. This book has shown me new ways to bake with them.

These recipes are great for kids, it’s an easy way to sneak vegetables into your cookies, cakes, and other treats.  Great for picky eaters. Read more [+]