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Our Day at the Park in Corbin, KY

This is by far the coolest park we’ve ever gone to.  It’s built for children ages 2-12 but everything there was strong enough to hold me!  We’ve gone to the park in Corbin a few times, luckily I was able to capture some photos of it when it wasn’t full of people this time.  Read more [+]

My Interview with local Kentucky Children’s Book Author Nancy Kelly Allen

Nancy Kelly Allen is the author of 30+ children’s books and she lives in eastern Kentucky. I met her this weekend at our first antique car show of the year.


Tell me about your two latest books.



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Our first Kentucky Antique Car Show

I used to go to car shows frequently as a child and want to make sure my son gets to see and learn about older cars also, so this weekend we went to our first Kentucky Antique Car Show.  Read more [+]

Angles of a flower

Have you ever looked at the angles of a flower and noticed how intricate it is? I took a video of one and set it to “My Old Kentucky Home”.  Read more [+]

Whats Blooming in Eastern Kentucky

What’s blooming in Eastern Kentucky this week?

I love our walks to the mailbox, it seems something new is blooming in Eastern Kentucky each day.

These are 2 of my favorites that recently bloomed.

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