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2 Fun Finds of January in Kentucky

Every now and then I just find things, take a picture and then it just sits there.  Today I’d like to share some of my recent fun finds.

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Planting an Acorn Tree

Planting an Acorn Tree

A few weeks ago I was out walking with my son when we spotted something on the ground.  Upon closer inspection I realized it was a baby acorn tree.  Of course while inspecting it we basically uprooted it so I took it back to the house to replant in a place we’d like it.

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Arts & Crafts for December with a Toddler


With the holidays we have been working on arts and crafts projects here in Kentucky.  We made some hanging pine cone decorations, candy canes and Christmas trees.  Read more [+]

Our First Snow of the Season

first snow3

Many of us got our first snow this week.  Ours arrived Thursday and most surprisingly of all to me is that we got snow here in Kentucky before Michigan or New York.

Our second snow came 2 days later, another dusting.  I’m just not ready yet, are you?




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Our Trip to a Local and Historical Mill

I love taking my son to the park and I remembered that one of the local parks has a mill that I had wanted to check out, we finally had a chance to stop  by. There is a large pond by the parking lot that was full of ducks and geese.  My son was fascinated. Read more [+]

Wacky Weather

Apple tree

The photo above is of my apple tree, the apples are not ripe yet the tree is mostly brown. Yes, I still live in Kentucky and many of our trees are like this.  Our brush is turning mostly brown but some fall colors.   I’m just baffled by this wacky weather.

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What’s going on in Kentucky this July?

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What’s going on in Kentucky this July?  The answer is not too much.  I somehow have 1 of these pretty red flowers (above) and some daisy’s.  Luckily the blackberries are still keeping us busy. Read more [+]

Canning Blackberry Pie Filling

Canned Blackberry Pie filling, how to, recipeIt’s blackberry season and for us that means alot of jam and pie filling making.  I like this because there is nothing like a fresh blackberry pie in the winter.  Plus I know what went into this. The thing about berries is you never really know how much you have until you start cooking it down. Read more [+]