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How I am Battling Kentucky Insects

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How I am Battling Kentucky Insects

I love being outdoors, but that doesn’t mean I want to be bug food.  While I love our home in rural Kentucky, I found that the insects really like to hang out right by our door.  I tried explaining to them they had the rest of the 15+ acres to roam, but they  insisted this was the best spot. This summer I am winning the war with this battle plan.

Whether you live in a rural location like I do, or in town, this plan may work for you.

All plans need a good name. Since my son repeats everything, we went with:

Bye bye Insects

The foes: Reddish brown wasps, carpenter bee’s, yellow jackets, mosquitoes.

Understanding the important role insects play, I only wanted them gone near the house.  They are quite welcome to visit the flowers, garden, and woods.

Knowing we have possums on the property who eat the mosquitoes, I began by inviting them to eat more.  They didn’t, so I went to Earth Easy.   They had 2 products that I thought might meet our needs perfectly.

Meet the Insect Killer

Electric Bug Zapper

  • It has a very short 2 cord with 2 prongs.
  • You will need an extension cord.
  • It has a loop on top for easy hanging.
  • Comes with mosquito bait you can put at bottom.  (I didn’t use mine yet, and as you can see in the photo there are alot of dead insects.)
  • Environmentally friendly.  No chemicals, fogs, sprays, or odors.
  • No refills required, it only needs electricity.
  • Low maintenance: just knock the extra deceased bugs off it occasionally. Bring inside during colder months.

The insects are attracted to the light.  Simply plug it in at night and the amount of insects in the area will quickly decrease.

I run mine for 3-4 hours each night and you can hear the zapping of the bugs dying.  We keep it near the house where my son plays and have found a huge decrease in bug bites on everyone.  While this can be hung, I put mine on a concrete block just to see how many bugs died each night.  The pile was amazing!

This insect killer is great because it will last you years.  It comes with a 2 year warranty.  It costs pennies a day to operate, even if you run it all night.  It’s child and pet safe.  My cat doesn’t seem to mind the noise and my son loves pointing out the “deads.”

As far as negatives, it really has none.

This Insect Killer is worth getting.

Wasp Killer

Our second problem was wasps and bee’s.  They think the doorway is a great hang out and the whole area where my son plays is one of their favorites as well.  To help decrease the chances of one of us getting stung, I was looking at the wasp traps.  Most of them are very very ugly and 1 time use only.

The Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap is decorative and functional.

Wasp Trap Collage


This glass jar is very pretty.  It’s a thicker glass so it’s pretty durable too, though I wouldn’t want to see it fall on the concrete.

This jar requires a lure.IMG_2481

  • It comes with 1 lure.
  • To use this you need 1/2 cup of non citrus fruit juice, dish soap, and the lure.
  • They suggest putting the trap 10′ from your porch or picnic area.
  • You can add raw meat, fish, or cat food to the juice to increase your chances of catching them. ( I did not do this.)
  • The lure is good for 10 days.

Since our wasps hang out in our doorway, I put this on the end of the eve near the doorway.  Of course as soon as I did they “disappeared.”  After 5 days outside, I found 3 dead wasps/bee’s in the jar.  The number of bee’s and wasps near the house has more than halved.  I’m not sure why that is, but it’s the desired result and I am very happy.

My son would like to add that he is happy they are not buzzing around his head.

The Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap and extra lures are available at Earth Easy.   They also have other environmentally friendly natural pest control solutions.

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  • The yellow jackets & wasp hang around my doors too, so would love to try this glass one. I would not use meat or cat food either, it would smell like catfish bait & probably bring in other un-wanted critters.

  • I need the wasp and bee trap so badly. They keep following me into the house through my back screen door and I don’t know if it’s because they’re drawn to something in the house or are hanging around the flowers and tomato plants I have out on my deck and just catch my wake.

    I’m terrified of wasps, I was stung in the eye by one. 🙁

  • What surprised me is adding raw meat or cat food into the lure to help trap. That I had no clue which would attract wasps or yellow jackets. I figured the sweets (citrus juice) but not the addition of a meat product or something of that nature. I didnt even know they liked meat and have never seen them near it. Learned something new. Perhaps it is the decomposition ?

  • Every year we get more and more wasps. They get us as we are going into the back of my home. I would use this to trap them and keep them away from my grandsons. Whom seem to get stung more and more every year.

  • mrs. renita henderson

    July 1, 2016 at 3:54 PM

    i so need this our back poarch get wasps and my husband is allergic so he can not go outside certain times of the year.

  • Richard Hicks

    July 1, 2016 at 10:41 PM

    We have a terrible problem with insects too. I like the wasp trap as it is simple to use and kind of looks nice.

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