Starbucks Blonde Coffee Review

Starbucks Blonde Coffee Review

As you know  we love coffee, we don’t generally drink Starbucks.  Recently we had the chance to try Starbucks Veranda Blend.  Read more [+]


North Coast Organics Deodorant Review & Giveaway


north coast organics deodorant review

North Coast Organics makes USDA certified organic body care products. They are completely cruelty free, and make only 100% vegan products. These products are made in the USA by hand!

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The Pact Guest Post

~ About The Pact ~

Title: The Pact

Author: Graeme Brown

Published: May 2013

Publisher: Champagne Book Group

Word Count: 17,000

Genre: Dark Epic Fantasy

Recommended Age: 12+

Enter the world of Will Lesterall, a boy who’s grown up in the safety of his father’s castle.

Tales of the outside world ruled by warring kings and creatures of nightmare have never seemed a threat, yet on the night celebrating two hundred years of the sacred Pact that has kept Fort Lesterall safe, intrigues ripen, and in the course of a few hours Will is confronted with a choice greater than he can comprehend.

Join an unlikely hero as destiny pulls him into the middle of an ancient conflict between fallen gods and ambitious women, one that demands blood, both holy and wicked, and the power of an ancient fire bound in steel. As swords clash below a watching wood, hope and betrayal war as fiercely as fear and valor.

Whether he lives or dies, Will Lesterall will never be the same.


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Top Reasons 5 You Should subscribe to me by e-mail

Ever wondered why you should bother to subscribe to a blog?  What you might  be missing?  If your email address is safe?  Will you be spammed until you give up and change your e-mail address? Read more [+]


Noah and the Mighty Ark Book Review

Noah and the Mighty Ark Review

One of the most classic and well known stories from the Bible is Noah and the Mighty Ark.  My son loves this story and enjoyed sharing his review with you. Read more [+]


What to bring when Hiking with a Toddler

What to Bring when Hiking with a Toddler

True the word hiking might be a bit ambitious.  Here’s what  I bring when Hiking with a Toddler. My son loves the outdoors so we spend quite a bit of time walking around. Read more [+]


$100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway with 4 winners Ends 5/3

giveawaygrayaway Read more [+]


Badminton Summertime Fun Giveaway Ends 5/10


 Giveaway Read more [+]

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